Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2.0.34/35.1 Patch Notes =DDDD (Sorry again for the delay D:)

Well, finally i can post the last important changelog, been pretty busy with college stuff but here i am! ^^

Version 2.0.34/35.1
"Think of it as two for the price of one!"
Note: .1 version is just fixing textures for the taunts

- Added Custom Account Icons!
* Purchasable in the store. Upload an icon on the website at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/icons to see it ingame
- Added Alt Couriers!
* Can now change the courier ingame into a different model
* Note: The "Goblin Farm" Bundle is not Gold Collection even though it has that label in the store. The Bundle deal is available for one week.
- Added Alt Taunt!
* Gore Taunt added
* You must purchase the original Taunt before you can purchase an Alt Taunt
- When downloading replays, the progress bar will now properly display a % sign
- Store UI significantly updated
- Updated some stringtables
- Fixed an issue with stat resets that incorrectly reset some fields

- All Melee heroes now all have 128 Attack Range
- Non-lethal damage can no longer get credit for kills (For real)
- Increased the movespeed of some of the Neutrals under 300 Movespeed to 300
- Leash time all Neutrals lowered from 7 seconds to 5.25 seconds

- Forests of Caldavar have been changed
* Kongor area widened to make it more 'even', including a new Legion ramp in the area
* Vision blockers of Kongor's lair removed

== Items ==

In-game Shop changes
- Significant upgrades to the smoothness of the shop when changing panels quickly
* Funfact: If you close the guide using the red button on the left the shop will only be one single panel when you open it. Much smaller!!
- Fixed not having recommended items when playing the same hero twice in a row if you failed to retrieve a guide
- There is now a default guide for when your connection to the Database decides to use the Failboat
- Outpost no longer contains a Pickled Brain
- Added 5 "Quickslot" item spots in the upper left partof the shop
* Shift + left click an item in the shop then click one of the slots to save that item to a slot
* Right click an item in your inventory and click one of the slots to save that item to a slot
* You can always buy from the quickslots and which items are there persist between games
* Useful for items like Homecoming Stones, a specific type of boots you want, potions, etc.

- Secret Shop removed
* Items that were purchasable in this shop are now purchasable in the main base
* Secret Shop store category renamed to Legendary Shop
- At the old Secret Shop location, the building is now replaced with an Observatory
- Observatory contain 1 item: Wards of Sight
* Wards seen in the Observatory are shared with the ones in your main base in stock

- Nullfire level 1 back to a 12s cooldown
* Level 2 is still 20s
- Fix to giving Insanitarious to other players and it bugged out terribly (LOL)

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Premium Alt Avatar for Ra: King Ra

- Optimized his abilities
- Fixed Ashes to Ashes so it does Magic DoT damage
- Fixed Ashes to Ashes retaining all charges when he dies; he no longer retains them after death
- Fixed Pyroclasmic Rebirth so it won't interact with Vindicator's Int Sap/Devourer's Str gain
- Removed the bad icon

 Blood Hunter 
- Rebalanced
- +15 Starting Movespeed (305 to 320)
- Blood Crazy duration nerfed from 6/9/12/15 to 6/7/8/9
- Blood Crazy damage to 20/s flat. Separated into a debuff and a buff, so that you can rid yourself of the negative element with a purge, or rid an enemy of the positive element with the purge
- Blood Sense now activates off allied heroes as well, but not self
- Hemorrhage changed to superior magic damage, damage values increased by 25%

- Fixed the sound from Deep Shadows playing at ear-killing levels

 Keeper of the Forest rework 
- Starting STR reduced to 25 from 27
- STR/level reduced to 3 from 3.4
- Camouflage
* Renamed to Nature's Veil
* Now gives BOTH Camouflage and old Nature's Protection effects (invises near trees and gives the armor/regen buff)
* Duration for both buffs changed to 10/20/30/40 seconds
* Nature's Protection component now gives a flat 4 Health Regeneration and 6/8/10/12 Armor
* Mana cost to a flat 60
* Cooldown to a flat 5 seconds
* 500 cast range
- Tree Sight
* Removed, replaced with Animate Forest
- Animate Forest
* 130 Mana cost, 30 second cooldown, 700 cast range
* Casts on target tree.
* Target tree and 1/2/3/4 nearby trees (takes closest to target, max search range of 500) are converted to Treants
* Treants have 500 Health, 2 Armor, and 325 Movespeed
* These trees last for 45 seconds
* These treants serve as "trees" for Nature's Veil, keeping people invisible around them
* These treants serve as "trees" for Entmoot, giving KotF charges of Attack Speed/Movement Speed
- Nature's Protection removed
- New Ability: Entmoot, passive self-buff
* Keeper of the Forest gains 3/6/9/12 Attack Speed and Movement Speed per nearby tree, up to 5 charges.
* Radius of 375
- Root
* Duration lowered from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4 seconds
* Cooldown lowered from 160 to 120/110/100
* Damage per second increased from 85 to 100

- Base damage lowered by 3
- Tree Grapple mana cost from 95/105/115/125 to 120 flat
- Tree Grapple stun from Physical to Magical
- Relentless Salvo damage per stack from 6/9/12/15 to 3/6/9/12
- Shadow cooldown from 90/75/60 to 120/105/90 seconds
- Shadow duration from 30 to 15/25/35 seconds
- Shadow damage ratio from 33/66/100% to flat 66%

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New hero in Newerth! Amun-Ra!

I'm sorry for the delay guys, but here's the new hero spotlight.


The corrupted disciples of Sol harnessed the errant energies of the sun, and from that culmination of twisted nether emerged the ancient daemon god Amun-Ra, abomination of all that is light and holy. Fused together by black fire and fury, this immortal construct threatens to raze the lands with every burning step, defiling everything he touches with heretical fervor.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Magebane Guide

A keeper of lost lore and a priest to forgotten gods, Magebane invokes unholy rituals to drain the energy of his enemies and turn it back against them. In less desperate times, heretics such as Magebane would have been burned at the stake, but this is not the first unexpected clemency brought about by the war against the Hellbourne.
Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=51-55Attack Range=100
Strength per level=1.6
Agility per level=2.8
Intelligence per level=1.5
Mana Combustion
mana combustion
On each attack, Magebane drains some of the target’s Mana.
The drained Mana combusts, dealing additional damage back to the target.

Level 1 : 16 Mana burnt per hit +60% damage per point of mana burnt.
Level 2 : 32 Mana burnt per hit +60% damage per point of mana burnt.
Level 3 : 48 Mana burnt per hit +60% damage per point of mana burnt.
Level 4 : 64 Mana burnt per hit +60% damage per point of mana burnt.
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a
Magebane gains mana equal to 1/4 of the mana drained from the target.
In a flash of light, Magebane is able to teleport
a short distance to a target location and buffs his allies
resistance to magic in the process.
Level 1 : Range 1000, +3 Magic armor to self and +2 Magic armor to allies within 500 radius of target position for 7 seconds.
Level 2 : Range 1075, +6 Magic armor to self and +3 Magic armor to allies within 500 radius of target position for 7 seconds.
Level 3 : Range 1150, +10 Magic armor to self and +4  Magic armor to allies within 500 radius of target position for 7 seconds.
Level 4 : Range 1150, +15 Magic armor to self and +5 Magic armor to allies within 500 radius of target position for 7 seconds.
Mana cost 60
Cooldown 12/10/8/6 seconds
Master of the MantraMaster of the Mantra
Magebane proves he is the master of the flow of Magic around him,
limiting the speed enemies can control it while damaging them if they cast.

Level 1 : -15 Cast Speed, Damaged for 35% of abilities and items manacost when cast
Level 2 : -20 Cast Speed, Damaged for 50% of abilities and items manacost when cast
Level 3 : -25 Cast Speed, Damaged for 65% of abilities and items manacost when cast
Level 4 : -30 Cast Speed, Damaged for 80% of abilities and items manacost when cast
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a
Mana Rift
mana rift
Magebane tears a Rift in a target unit’s
mind, stunning them briefly and dealing
damage based on how much Mana the target
has missing. The more Mana the target is
missing, the more damage they will take.

Level 1 : 0.6 Damage per mana point missing  in a 250 AOE around the primary target and stuns for 0.1 seconds
Level 2 : 0.85 Damage per mana point missing  in a 250 AOE around the primary target and stuns for 0.2 seconds
Level 3 : 1.10 Damage per mana point missing in a 250 AOE around the primary target and stuns for 0.3 seconds
Mana Cost 125/200/275
Cooldown 120/100/80

Skill Build

1.- Flash
2.- Mana Combustion
3.- Mana Combustion
4.- Stat Points
5.- Mana Combustion
6.- Mana Rift
7.- Mana Combustion
8.- Flash/Spell Resistance
9.- Flash/Spell Resistance
10.- Flash/Spell Resistance
11.- Mana Rift
12.- Spell Resistance/Spell Resistance
13.- Spell Resistance/Flash
14.- Spell Resistance/Flash
15.- Spell Resistance/Flash
16.- Mana Rift
17-25.- Stat Points

Skill explanation:

You need the first level of flash for mobility. Extra levels that could be used for mana combustion in early are a waste. The level 4 stat points are to have more lane fat and that general boost is almost like lvling up an extra lv, meaning faster att speed, more regen and dmg, even if it is a little it helps more than early magic defense when most spells cannot kill you yet.

When I say flash/spell resistance and then spell resistance/flash I mean that those are two alternative skill builds, the one to the left is the recommended by me, the other is circunstantial if you are facing way too many mages, which you shouldn't be so early on.
Item Build

  X 4-6

Fill the rest of your inventory with these:

 X 5

This should be enough to let you stay in peace in your lane for a while. Then get marchers.

 X 1

Now get 2 Soulscreamer rings or three. The reason for this is that Magebane is the fastest atacking hero in the game so getting him an overall stat boost in early will allow you to keep hunting down the enemies, let you cast more flashes and mana burn more times all in one.

 X 2-3

Then finish off your steamboots, you wanna make em strenght first cause you will need it for survivability, you already got your rings for agi.

  Str Steamboots

Now here is up to you. You got 3 choices, choose wisely as it varies from situation from situation. This items are important for magebane's survivability and shouldn't be skipped.

 X 1 If they lack mages

After getting this turn your steamboots to Agi.

  X1 If their mages are high damagers

By this I mean they hae Aoe damages or high damaging nukes that are kind of spammable or they kill you easily

  X1 If they got Deadly targeting skills.

As far as I know, any targeting skill can be blocked and this is lifesaving against heroes as blood, lego and maybe pyro. Also the regen and stats are pretty nice.

Next up, is time to start doing some serious dmg.

  X 1

I already said magebane is the fastest hero in the game. Not because he has more IAS than everyone, but because his base attack speed is faster and that allows him to have the fastest att speed in the game. Get him one of this babies and he's ready to roll.

This all is necessary as far as I know, next up is MY of building magebane.

  X 1

This is very nice with magebane. High att speed = more disables + you will need to slow them down if your wanna burn some high amount of mana in late and also it's useful for disabling spellcasters and just about everything else.

  X 1

This is just what you needed, the item that will make you immortal and also pretty hard to get except you are farming noobs. Btw, with immortal I mean you will be pretty hard to kill unless they got some nasty disables or they overpower you and you could still always flash away.

And the last item is...

If you decide to forfeit this item, the last item is up to you. Since I haven't gotten this far in a game with magebane in HoN, I just suppose this is a good idea.

  X 1