Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2.0.34/35.1 Patch Notes =DDDD (Sorry again for the delay D:)

Well, finally i can post the last important changelog, been pretty busy with college stuff but here i am! ^^

Version 2.0.34/35.1
"Think of it as two for the price of one!"
Note: .1 version is just fixing textures for the taunts

- Added Custom Account Icons!
* Purchasable in the store. Upload an icon on the website at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/icons to see it ingame
- Added Alt Couriers!
* Can now change the courier ingame into a different model
* Note: The "Goblin Farm" Bundle is not Gold Collection even though it has that label in the store. The Bundle deal is available for one week.
- Added Alt Taunt!
* Gore Taunt added
* You must purchase the original Taunt before you can purchase an Alt Taunt
- When downloading replays, the progress bar will now properly display a % sign
- Store UI significantly updated
- Updated some stringtables
- Fixed an issue with stat resets that incorrectly reset some fields

- All Melee heroes now all have 128 Attack Range
- Non-lethal damage can no longer get credit for kills (For real)
- Increased the movespeed of some of the Neutrals under 300 Movespeed to 300
- Leash time all Neutrals lowered from 7 seconds to 5.25 seconds

- Forests of Caldavar have been changed
* Kongor area widened to make it more 'even', including a new Legion ramp in the area
* Vision blockers of Kongor's lair removed

== Items ==

In-game Shop changes
- Significant upgrades to the smoothness of the shop when changing panels quickly
* Funfact: If you close the guide using the red button on the left the shop will only be one single panel when you open it. Much smaller!!
- Fixed not having recommended items when playing the same hero twice in a row if you failed to retrieve a guide
- There is now a default guide for when your connection to the Database decides to use the Failboat
- Outpost no longer contains a Pickled Brain
- Added 5 "Quickslot" item spots in the upper left partof the shop
* Shift + left click an item in the shop then click one of the slots to save that item to a slot
* Right click an item in your inventory and click one of the slots to save that item to a slot
* You can always buy from the quickslots and which items are there persist between games
* Useful for items like Homecoming Stones, a specific type of boots you want, potions, etc.

- Secret Shop removed
* Items that were purchasable in this shop are now purchasable in the main base
* Secret Shop store category renamed to Legendary Shop
- At the old Secret Shop location, the building is now replaced with an Observatory
- Observatory contain 1 item: Wards of Sight
* Wards seen in the Observatory are shared with the ones in your main base in stock

- Nullfire level 1 back to a 12s cooldown
* Level 2 is still 20s
- Fix to giving Insanitarious to other players and it bugged out terribly (LOL)

== Heroes ==

- Added a new Premium Alt Avatar for Ra: King Ra

- Optimized his abilities
- Fixed Ashes to Ashes so it does Magic DoT damage
- Fixed Ashes to Ashes retaining all charges when he dies; he no longer retains them after death
- Fixed Pyroclasmic Rebirth so it won't interact with Vindicator's Int Sap/Devourer's Str gain
- Removed the bad icon

 Blood Hunter 
- Rebalanced
- +15 Starting Movespeed (305 to 320)
- Blood Crazy duration nerfed from 6/9/12/15 to 6/7/8/9
- Blood Crazy damage to 20/s flat. Separated into a debuff and a buff, so that you can rid yourself of the negative element with a purge, or rid an enemy of the positive element with the purge
- Blood Sense now activates off allied heroes as well, but not self
- Hemorrhage changed to superior magic damage, damage values increased by 25%

- Fixed the sound from Deep Shadows playing at ear-killing levels

 Keeper of the Forest rework 
- Starting STR reduced to 25 from 27
- STR/level reduced to 3 from 3.4
- Camouflage
* Renamed to Nature's Veil
* Now gives BOTH Camouflage and old Nature's Protection effects (invises near trees and gives the armor/regen buff)
* Duration for both buffs changed to 10/20/30/40 seconds
* Nature's Protection component now gives a flat 4 Health Regeneration and 6/8/10/12 Armor
* Mana cost to a flat 60
* Cooldown to a flat 5 seconds
* 500 cast range
- Tree Sight
* Removed, replaced with Animate Forest
- Animate Forest
* 130 Mana cost, 30 second cooldown, 700 cast range
* Casts on target tree.
* Target tree and 1/2/3/4 nearby trees (takes closest to target, max search range of 500) are converted to Treants
* Treants have 500 Health, 2 Armor, and 325 Movespeed
* These trees last for 45 seconds
* These treants serve as "trees" for Nature's Veil, keeping people invisible around them
* These treants serve as "trees" for Entmoot, giving KotF charges of Attack Speed/Movement Speed
- Nature's Protection removed
- New Ability: Entmoot, passive self-buff
* Keeper of the Forest gains 3/6/9/12 Attack Speed and Movement Speed per nearby tree, up to 5 charges.
* Radius of 375
- Root
* Duration lowered from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4 seconds
* Cooldown lowered from 160 to 120/110/100
* Damage per second increased from 85 to 100

- Base damage lowered by 3
- Tree Grapple mana cost from 95/105/115/125 to 120 flat
- Tree Grapple stun from Physical to Magical
- Relentless Salvo damage per stack from 6/9/12/15 to 3/6/9/12
- Shadow cooldown from 90/75/60 to 120/105/90 seconds
- Shadow duration from 30 to 15/25/35 seconds
- Shadow damage ratio from 33/66/100% to flat 66%


  1. I never played heroes of newerth tho but since so much people talk about it migh give it a try :P

  2. Shop panels switching out faster! its been annoying me how slow they go

  3. First time hearing about this game but it looks interesting, ill give it a try thanks for sharing!

  4. I hear you have to pay for HoN..?

  5. That's a lot fixed in one patch. Good for all the players!

  6. I like that they are really on to it when it comes to patching the game. :)

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