Monday, May 16, 2011

HoN Begginer's Guide Part 4!

Heroes of Newerth :: Beginner’s Guide :: Key Terms

Below is a general description or meaning of common HoN jargon.

Core terminology for Heroes of Newerth

Creeps spawn every 30 seconds in every lane for both sides. They march recklessly towards the enemy base and fight any enemy creep “waves” on their way. Without hero intervention, creeps will almost indefinitely fight in the center of the lanes as spawns for both sides are equal. Creeps are the main source of gold and experience for heroes.

When you die, you lose access to your hero for a certain amount of time based on your heroes level. At the end of the death timer your hero will respawn at your fountain.

Experience is a number which represents, well, experience. You gain experience point by being in the proximity of an enemy creep or hero when they die.

Each team has a fountain and it is where you will begin the game. While at the fountain your her will regenerate health and mana. Most of the items are bought at the fountain. The fountain will attack enemy heroes who come into it’s waters for heavy damage.

Gold is the currency of the game, we use it to buy items. Gold can also be used to buy back in emergencies.
You get gold by: Killing creeps or players.
You lose gold when: You buy an item or you die.

Kongor is a big monster generally killed by your entire team. When you kill him your entire team gets a gold bonus, the hero who lands the killing blow gets extra gold, and Kongor drops an item which grants its bearer an “extra life”. Basically, when its bearer dies, after a few seconds they respawn in the same spot. The death while wearing the shield doesn’t count as a death for xp, gold, or score, it simply didn’t happen for all intensive purposes.

There are three “lanes” on the standard map. Creeps waves spawn and march down them to face eachother, and heroes fight alongside them. The entire game is centered around a tug of war kind of combat where the “lanes” are pushed closer to each team’s base, back and forth.

You lose if the enemy team destroys your base.

There are “neutral” creeps in the forests around the lanes. These creeps don’t do anything but sit where they are (indicated by circles on the map) and wait to be killed. They are stronger than creeps in the lanes and give more experience and gold, but you have to fight them without your allied creeps.

Outposts are present in the top and bottom lanes and have many of the basic items that are available at your base. They are very useful and should be used whenever possible to stay in your lane longer.

Runes will spawn every two minutes in one of two places on the map. The first one will spawn as soon as the game begins. Pick up the rune to gain the benefit.
Double Damage Rune: Your hero will deal double damage for a short period.
Invisibility Rune: Your hero will remain invisible for one minute.
Illusion Rune: Your hero will create two exact copies of themselves for a limited time. The copies take extra damage and deal less damage
Haste Rune: Your hero will move at maximum speed for a short time.
Regeneration Rune: Your hero will quickly regenerate to max health and mana. If struck it will stop regenerating and you will lose the effect.

Secret Shops
There is a shop on both sides of the map labeled “secret shop”. You can clearly see where it is at from the beginning of the game so it is by no means “secret”. This shop has larger, more expensive items which are part of the more powerful recipes. You have to walk to them to buy the items.

The game is won when either team destroys the enemy team’s base.

Terms regularly used by players to describe events taking place in the game or otherwise.

Players will sometimes print a single letter in chat, “b”. In this case it generally means they want the team to back off, get back to base, stop pushing. You get the idea.

A backdoor is generally described as when a hero attacks a tower or building without the support of creeps. While frowned upon, it is common practice and most believe it not to be against the rules.

Carry Hero
A carry is generally considered an agility or strength hero who invests skill points and items directly into their auto attack rather than spells or items with spells. Most of the time a “carry” hero is weaker during the beginning of the game while the Int heroes reign, and they begin to “carry” their team towards the end of the game when they have their items.

Feeder is a term adopted by players to describe a team mate who is consistently dying, which gives the killing enemy gold and experience. The player dying is essentially “feeding” the enemy’s power. It is generally derogatory in use, if someone is calling you a feeder they are probably blaming a loss on you.

A gank is generally when enemy heroes from another lane come to your lane and team up to kill you, or vice versa. It is important to watch for these situations on the mini-map to avoid being caught off guard.

Pushing is the act of attacking enemy creeps in a lane and moving forward each wave until you reach the enemy base, at which point you attempt to destroy towers and buildings.

You may sometimes hear this being used within Heroes of Newerth to describe yourself or another player. For the most part its someone trying to insult another player’s ability, that is to call them a “scrub”. Generally it isn’t very nice, but that goes without saying.


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