Friday, May 6, 2011

HoN Patch 2.0.28 Live!

Patch 2.0.28 has been released! The patch doesn't bring out much about balancing the game but one thing it did well was to fix up numerous bugs with Silhouette and bring out some new alternate skins like always. But don't let that bring you down! Along with this patch, HoN's first ever ranged strength hero Flux comes into play! 

The complete patch notes are as follows:
Version 2.0.28
Tournament rules changes
- Pauses can last for 10 minutes
- Enemy team can't unpause for 90 seconds
- Only one vote is required to pause

- Alchemist's Bones now gain charges even when not on a hero
- Fixed a server crash
- Rolled back the last of the April Fools stuff (Vindicator ult and "lets get it on")
- Nullfire Blade blue effects now play on the illusion even if they take no mana
- Fixed the Legionnaire double-stuffed Charge bug

== Heroes ==

- Added new Strength hero: Flux
- Added new Alt Avatar: Vigilante Vindicator
- Added new Alt Avatar: Steam Flux
- Added 4 new account icons

- Fixed people he knocks over standing up correctly

- Fixed her Death Lotus & Shadow bug
* Fixes Shadow & Silhouette herself gains more blades if she levels up her Death Lotus while she has Shadow illusion out
- Made her Death Lotus spin animation play on the illusion when she activates Death Lotus
- Made her Death Lotus kunai not respawn with her if the skill is still on cooldown when she actually respawns
- Made Death Lotus kunai vanish on illusion when the main Silhouette dies.
* Fixes an issue with illusion receiving more than 4 kunai at once
- Made Death Lotus's projectile damage application state duration from 1000 ms to 250 ms
* Better for duplicate hero mode while also retaining the functionality of not being able to do 4x projectile damage to 1 target in 1 Death Lotus activation cast.
- Fixed Silhouette's Shadow so it doesn't die if you have it out and you level Death Lotus from level 0 to level 1
- Related to the above point, fixed Silhouette's Shadow so it will properly gain a level of Death Lotus from level 0 to 1 if you learn it with the illusion out.
- Fixed upgrading Death Lotus when she's dead from level 0 to level 1 from giving an extra blade to the Shadow if it is out.
- Made upgrading Death Lotus not spawn extra kunai on Silhouette and/or Shadow if the skill is on cooldown while you upgrade it.
- Made upgrading Death Lotus while dead not alter the number of kunai on the Shadow if the Shadow is still alive when Silhouette is dead
- Made damage on her E's bonus damage nonlethal
- Fixed Silhouette's ultimate swap from killing her Shadow if she has 0 points in Death Lotus
- Added a visual timer to Shadow so people can see how much time is left on the illusion without actually selecting the illusionSource: Heroes of Newerth official changelog.


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