Thursday, May 19, 2011

HoN Valkyrie Guide!

This is a simple guide of my HoN favorite hero! Hope you enjoy it!


 Base Stats

Damage: 38-49
Armour: 1.80
Move Speed: 300
Attack type: Ranged (600)
Attack Rate: 0.59

Strength: 17(+1.85)
Agility: 20(+2.75)
Intellegince: 17(+1.65)


Call of the Valkyrie
Valkyrie calls forth several Battle Maidens to damage nearby enemies. 
Deals 75/150/225/300 Magic damage to targets in 600 radius around self, with a 60% chance to hit targets outside the radius but inside a 900 radius. Deals an additional37.5/75/112.5/150 Magic damage to one random target in a 200 radius. 
Mana Cost:100/120/140/160 
Cooldown:12 seconds 

Javelin of Light
Valkyrie hurls a Javelin of Light toward a target location. The first enemy hit will be damaged and stunned. Stun duration depends on the distance the Javelin has traveled.
Deals 90/180/270/360 Magic damage to the first target to pass within a 110 radius of projectile. The target is also stunned. Stun duration increases by 0.5 seconds for every 150 units the projectile has traveled. Stuns for a minimum of 0.5 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds. Flies a maximum of 3000 units. The javelin gives vision of a 1000 radius area around itself. 
Mana Cost:100
Cooldown:25 seconds

Courageous Leap
Valkyrie leaps forward, charging to battle. Her courage inspires nearby allies when she lands, granting increased movement and attack speed.
Transports self 630/690/780/840 units forward. Upon landing, applies Courageous Leap to targets in 800 radius around self for 10 seconds. Increases attack speed by4/8/12/16 and movement speed by 4/8/12/16%
Mana Cost:40/35/30/20

Valkyrie's Prism
Valkyrie bends light itself, shrouding all allied heroes on the map in stealth. 
Applies Prism to all allied heroes for 7/9/11 seconds. Invisibility. Does not expire from attacking or using abilities. 
Mana Cost:200/250/300
Cooldown:160 seconds

Skill Build:
1.Javelin of Light
2.Call of the Valkyrie
3.Call of the Valkyrie
4.Courageous Leap
5.Call of the Valkyrie
6.Javelin of Light
7.Call of the Valkyrie
8.Javelin of Light
9.Javelin of Light
10.Courageous Leap/Valkyrie's Prism
11.Courageous Leap
12.Courageous Leap
13.Courageous Leap/Stats
24.Valkyrie's Prism
25.Valkyrie's Prism

Javelin is leveled first for either ganking if you are on a dual lane or to be aggressive/control lane right at the start if solo. Now you need to max Call as fast as possible as it is probably your best nuke(Debatable with Javelin, I find if you're against a ranged hero e.g Arachna 2v1 or 1v1, it is best to max Javelin as fast as possible then Call next)
I then take a level of Leap as it can help immensely with achieving a first blood or escaping a death. Prism is skipped at level 6 I think it is quite useless when you already have Leap as an escape and the mana needed for Prism is much too high at lower levels for Valkyrie.
Once Javelin and Call are both maxed you can go straight for Leap if you feel confident in being able to dodge with Leap and setup nice stuns without needing the invis from Prism. Once Leap is maxed if you still do not have a level of Prism get it now, from now on it's stats all the way as they help a great deal with survivability/dps.

Item Build

(It's very important you get mid solo with bottle as it means you can control both rune spawns and stay in your lane long enough to farm up a decent amount of money)





You can switch the Steam Boots over to agility here if you feel you can easily counter the enemies attacks and don't need the hp boost.

If the game still isn't over go for x1

Head to one of the rune spawns and wait till 0:01 on the timer to see if it spawns, if so drink your bottle and collect the rune, if not you know where the rune will be if you need one so head to the other spawn when your bottle runs out (preferably before 2:00 into the game, as the runes spawn either top or bottom in 2 minute intervals)
If you have get a hero like Arachna just try and get as many denies/last hits in as possible if you get a melee hero or one you can easily out damage, harass them as soon as they come near the creeps with auto attack and deny as many of your own creeps as possible, at level 5 you can try and start to kill the hero (they should be low health from harassing)if you can land a stun Leap to them straight away and use Call of the Valkyrie then follow up with auto attack until they are dead. If you got a double damage rune at the start of the game save it until maybe level 4 and then try and do this same combo but before Leaping use the dd.

After this push mid as fast as you can to farm a bit of gold then head back to base and buy Marchers and as many components to the Soulscream Ring as possible, now with your marchers you can head to either bottom/top and stand in bushes and try to get a Javelin off onto the opposing heroes (Make sure you communicate with your teammates to let them know when you will be stunning, continue doing this for as many opportunities as you get)

From here on you are basically a gankers dream, massive damage, good survivability and great escaping skills, so just continue what you do best until the game finishes.


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